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Best Budget Inn

1894 Winchester Ave, Reedsport, OR 97467, USA

About Best Budget Inn

3.1 / 5

from reviews

    adriane sāra price
    May 28, 2023

    The rooms were quaint and clean, and the beds were comfortable. Great location off the main road. Decent amount of parking. TV, fridge and freezer, and instant coffee. Wonderful gentlemen and his daughter own the motel, pleasant hospitality. It's definitely worth going back to this Inn.

    Natasha Murphy
    February 25, 2024

    Drive by a lot have no idea how they are but heard they are ok from people who have stayed in them this one I believe just got an upgrade.

    Jessie Henley
    July 19, 2021

    I stayed here for a week. At first I was not sure about the place because of the cleanliness of the bathroom and other reviews. I also was disappointed there was no bath for my 4 year old to enjoy. But I didn't know if I had to request it. The exterior toilet bowl needed attention, and the shower had a hair pin in it. I had to get my own sanitizing wipes and clean. After staying for a week, I noticed how easily the place gets dirty, from bringing sand back, to the ceramic tiles that can easily show dirt. That tells me that the place is kept clean. Just needs a bit more detail for the bathroom. I appreciated the daily vacuum, I had no problems with sand in my bed etc as I took my 4 year old to the beach every day. The bed was very comfortable and my daughter and I slept really good every single night, it was great. I wish there was a privacy blind for the front window, that way if the curtain gets bumped or tugged on, it doesn't open for the line of cars in front, and you get darkness at night. Yes, there is no AC, but you get a fan and you have windows to open for ventilation. I kept comfortably cool all week once I opened the bathroom window. I did not notice any noise at night with the bathroom window open. The owners are very sweet, so is their family, who helps run the facilities. If you want a calm, down to earth, simple place with a comfy bed and place to shower, it's really very good. The family was even willing to help me find a place to take my car when I noticed my tire was getting low. And this was after I left and forgot which days I reserved and had to return for my stuff and add an extra day to stay. No attitude, no rudeness. Very attentive and kind.

    Patti Haggans
    September 16, 2022

    What can I say? I was never allowed to stay here. And although, I was being helped by one lady at the front desk & had made arrangements to to use my military & AARP discounts( totalling $100 tax included) & come back in an hour to rent. We were almost finished with our conversation when another girl came out of her room (completely disheveled) & interrupted us, taking over our conversation. Giving me multiple excuses of why I can't rent a room. Saying "only the top rooms are clean and they've all been rented out" I told her " that's alright because we needed a ground floor room for handicap", she told me "we don't have any handicap accessible rooms". And I said "we can do just fine in a regular hotel" Then she said something about wheelchairs not fitting through the door. And I said "we have a small walker that WILL fit through the door." The she disclosed " nothing on the ground floor is ready" and everything on the bottom needs cleaning". After asking her "When will a room on the bottom be ready?",multiple times, . She said to me " You should looked somewhere else". I was shocked & internalized the obvious as to what was actually happening in 2022,... but it was happening! The reality was, I am a woman of color receiving multiple trivial excuses to discourage me from renting there, because of the color of my skin! She then turned her back to me to discuss with the girl I was originally talking to, which room they needed to clean & a lot of "under her breath" talking, then she left the office. So, I asked the lady I was originally talk with again "when should I come back?" She answered " CALL back in and hour and gave me a slip with the hotel number & address on it. I thought " well, at least I finally got an answer to my question." I pulled out to leave,stopped in the parking lot to take a picture of the sign, telling my husband (who is caucasian)what was going on. He was appalled and said "you're kidding me? "This is 2022, when are people going to wake up?...go back!" I told him that the original girl told me to CALL back in an hour.(Not COME back) So we drove home which took and hour and upon arrival I did call back. And I reminded her of who I was and was about to ask her about the room when she started saying.." Oh yes, there's a room ready for you all nice & clean" I said , "with the way I was made to feel when I left there , I would not feel comfortable rent from you, ever" She said she was sorry but there is a room waiting. I asked her "did you hear what she was saying to me?" That's when she let me know she was the "mean one" and her name was "Linda" and the 'nice girl' ( I was originally talking to) was standing right beside her." Then she said, that " the 'nice girl' (I was originally talking to) was overwhelmed and she need to step in to help her". I then let her know we already drove back home and hour away. Then she said ," well I'll tell you what, the next time you're in town, stop by the room is $160. & we'll give you $5 dollars off of your room." I also noticed that the once vacancy sign was switched to "no vacancy" by the time we left. One of the excuses given was "we have a room but it doesn't have a refrigerator in it, is that ok?" If you are anything but caucasian or an interracial couple, don't waste your time or intelligence stopping here.

    S. Ryan
    July 31, 2022

    Super nice guy running it, definitely cheap ($90), a nice TV, shower with good pressure although it is quite small, fridge, microwave, plenty of charging outlets, etc. I couldn’t find this hotel on Expedia or anything but glad I called! And this is peak season for Oregon coast so finding a hotel, especially for $90 is quite the bargain!!! Definitely would come back.

    Best Budget Inn

    Our Address

    1894 Winchester Ave, Reedsport, OR 97467, USA

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