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310 N 14th St, Reedsport, OR 97467, USA

About McDonald’s

3.4 / 5

from reviews

    Trista Bishop
    October 23, 2022

    We just moved here and have stopped here twice. The first time we ordered no cheese and there was cheese on the burgers. We took them back and had it corrected, but only realized after driving away we didn’t get my frappe. Went back for that, left again, and realized we never got the coke or the sauces for the happy meals either, but we didn’t go back again. My husband said someone had been yelling and seemed to be quitting and slamming fryers around, so we didn’t think it was worth it. Two days later, we go back, and this time check the burgers and find there was cheese where no cheese was supposed to be. Even the receipt on the wrapper said it. Took that back and had it corrected. Then, got home to realize every burger was messed up. The extra onion burgers had no onion. The no pickle burgers had pickle. No sauce in the happy meals, and they had forgotten my frappe again. I called and the manager said we could have the whole order replaced and didn’t need to bring in a receipt. She took my name and we went back the next day for the order. Upon ordering the replacement order, my husband was asked 20+ questions such as “are you sure this was the order?” Obviously implying we were lying. My husband endured the questions and one employee saying “I’m not gonna have my balls busted over this” implying we were gonna get them in trouble for ordering our replacement order. My husband was upset and dissatisfied upon leaving the establishment. And, what a surprise, the sauce was forgotten in the Happy Meals again. I know that seems like a small issue, and normally we honestly wouldn’t care at all, and would give our kiddos sauce at home. However, our fridge food went bad on the move here, and we don’t have the sauce to replace it. My 4 and 2 year old were very upset, and getting them to eat a dry chicken nugget is nearly impossible- and I don’t blame them for wanting dip dip. We will not be coming back, which sucks, because we just moved to Winchester Bay, OR, and we’re happy about the close fast food for our fast food fridays. It is worth it to drive the extra 20 minutes to the Coos Bay McDonald’s.

    Julie Shank
    July 08, 2022

    Lots of trash around the property. Muddy floors near the drink section. And the cashier wasn't friendly. No eye contact, no acknowledgement, no thank you, no smile. Food was quick and tasted fine. Had to ask for straws even though we ordered 3 drinks to go. Bathroom was clean. Busy spot.

    Gina Roche - Brown
    July 02, 2022

    Ordered food at 1:59 pm, was told to go sit in the online pickup spot and watched over 7 cars get their food and leave....while we sat waiting in the car. Did not know my order was so complicated. finally someone came to our car and asked if we were waiting for an order, she even knew what order it was, that at 2:17 pm. Waited some more... did not recieve my order until 2:19 pm.

    Bob May
    August 10, 2022

    Small town McDonald's are the best! They seem to have work crews that work really well together and they're efficiency is quite obvious. Very cheerful welcome, the line moves quickly, and before you know it you've got your breakfast and you're on your way. I would stop at this McDonald's again just to go through the drive-thru and appreciate what hard work and organization results in through teamwork.

    Antara Roy
    August 16, 2022

    Worst McDonald's experience. Both of the kiosks weren't working. I asked the employee who took our order if we should take a table number, but she said the number will be on the receipt since she ordered it to go without asking me. It didn't look like they were understaffed to serve food. The food was prepared in a timely manner. We ordered 2 double quarter pounders and 4 crispy chicken sandwiches. All of the sandwiches came with two pieces of buns, the crispy chicken patties, and two pickle slices. There were no signs of any lettuce or tomatoes in any of the sandwiches. The quarter pounders were way too small to fill anyone up. Overall, this McDonald's does not meet the standards of the other McDonald's restaurants.


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    310 N 14th St, Reedsport, OR 97467, USA

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